Features of Healthy Life Dental Clinic

"Human beings become beautiful from the mouth and support a long and happy life."


At the Healthy Life Dental Clinic, the preventive dentistry and esthetic dentistry clinics in Shimbashi, we offer a variety of menus to meet the needs of each patient. We often receive consultations from people who want to have a healthier and more beautiful mouth, and have a wealth of experience in ceramic treatment for the prevention of caries and periodontal disease. In addition, we recommend the mouthpiece correction for patients who want to improve their dentition, and it is well received by many patients.
Since we have created a space that considers the patient's privacy, you can relax and receive treatment. It is used by people living and working in the neighborhood, so if you are looking for preventive or cosmetic dentistry in Shimbashi, which is easily accessible from afar, please contact us.


Healthy Life Dental Clinic in Shimbashi

Shimbashi's preventive dentistry and esthetic dentistry propose a plan with a future in mind


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Hospital name

Healthy Life Dental Clinic

Street address

1-17-2 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Daiwa Roynet Hotel Shimbashi B1F

phone number
business hours

9:45 〜 19:00

Regular holiday

Day, celebration


If you are looking for aesthetic dentistry near Shimbashi, please use Healthy Life Dental Clinic, which has gained the trust and achievements of many patients. A wide range of high-quality menus are available to meet the needs of patients. We will take the patient's dental concerns seriously and provide optimal treatment and support. Please feel free to consult with the famous aesthetic dentistry in Shinbashi.

About us

Healthy life dental clinic for preventive dentistry and esthetic dentistry in Shimbashi

In preventive dentistry and esthetic dentistry in Shimbashi, there is a reputation for treatment with less pain

Healthy Life Dental Clinic, which has a reputation for maintaining beautiful teeth as preventive dentistry and aesthetic dentistry in Shinbashi, is a dental clinic that has many achievements and has earned the trust of patients. By using a laser, you can discover without missing a tooth without feeling pain. There are many patients who are afraid of the sound of cutting their teeth with a drill, but since this is an esthetic dentistry with a technology to restore without shaving as much as possible, please use Shinbashi. The clinic is always clean and is a space that takes the patient's privacy into account, so you can relax and receive treatment.
In addition, a technique called direct bonding that makes the front tooth gap inconspicuous in a short time and ceramic treatment that can maintain a beautiful state for a long time are also adopted. We listen carefully to each patient's concerns and respond carefully to their requests. We will also provide aftercare for maintaining your dental health. If you have any concerns or concerns, please visit the esthetic dental clinic in Shimbashi for medical care.

Consult Shinbashi's preventive dentistry, esthetic dentistry, and healthy life dental clinic

Healthy Life Dental Clinic has a reputation for preventive dentistry and esthetic dentistry in Shinbashi, and offers a variety of menus to meet the needs of patients. We use the latest equipment to treat pain and discomfort and are trusted by many patients. All the staff members are friendly so that you can go to treatment with peace of mind. Laser technology with less pain is used to treat tooth decay and periodontal disease. Laser treatment can be performed accurately in a short time with little discomfort, but depending on the medical treatment, there are cases where it is not covered by insurance, so we will make a treatment plan with careful consultation.
In addition, Shinbashi's aesthetic dentistry also handles whitening treatments that are frequently requested. For those who want to get rid of yellowing teeth and regain beautiful teeth, there are several treatment menus such as whitening and powder cleaning, so please choose according to your lifestyle and budget. By getting white and beautiful teeth, you can feel confident in your smile and change your impression, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact Shinbashi's Cosmetic Dentist.